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About Jenny Ragnwaldh

Jenny Ragnwaldh started to freelance as a personal stylist in Stockholm 2010 with long-standing experience from the fashion industry. In 2015 she moved to Hong Kong with her husband and two kids, and from the start was inspired by the street styles of Hong Kong and other parts of Asia – her pictures of Hong Kong’s street style have a strong following on social media.

After two years in Hong Kong, Jenny restarted work as a stylist and her passion for accessories drew her to create her two brands, Jenny Ragnwaldh Accessories as well as Voiir, a collaboration with two other Swedish partners.

Jenny wants to inspire her clients and help them to build up a useful, beautiful and sustainable wardrobe with a personal touch.

”The aim is to mix new high quality pieces with vintage and unique accessories that lift up every outfit” says Jenny.

Jenny’s goal is to get away from throwaway consumerism and instead think long term about high quality purchases. My hypothesis is that rapid trends result in short term fixes – We buy clothes that we throw away to keep us in the latest fashion.

The ”throwaway” consumption certainly does not bring out our personal style.