Street style in Tokyo

For some weeks ago me and my photographer friend Andrea Björsell went to Tokyo for a street style project.

I was the street style hunter and Andrea the photographer.

We had only two full days for work, the first day was rainy, the second day there were A big typhoon but the last day was a beautiful sunny Sunday! The best day ever!

We were very thankful that we had help with the translating from our assistant,  José Von Gohren when we were approaching the people on the streets. José is studying Japanese in Tokyo, and he did a great job!

It´s hard to survive in Tokyo without being able to speak their language, especially when you want to get to know the Japanese people.

Our Tokyo story could go on forever with all our interesting  meetings with people and other crazy things that happened to us.

Even though we were there only for a few days we had so much experiences.

Right now at this time I will only showcase some behind the scenes pictures but let’s see where our story will turn up later!

Please enjoy!

The first rainy day in Tokyo, Harajuku

The fist person we approached was a creative soul, he did fashion design, rap music and was also a music club organizer.

We met this French man who used to live in Tokyo but  moved back to France, He were in Tokyo for holiday this time. The best things about Tokyo is the music scene and the vintage fashion he said. He is working as a voice actor.

A man or a woman, we didn’t  know. But a lovely person.

We absolutely had to go to Kawaii Monster Café.

This is  me walking in the rain a few hours before the Typhoon HAGIBIS came.

And  the day after the Typhoon the sun came!

We spent almost the whole day in Shibuya on Cat Street, the best place to go for street style.

Me on street style hunting!

This was just a little sneak peak and a few behind the scenes pictures. The result will be coming up later!

Our plan was to find the real streetstyle, not the influencers, models, fashion people hanging outside the fashion shows, already fixed. We wanted to meet the people on the streets.