The Mills

I’m very happy to showcase my two brands Jenny Ragnwaldh Accessories and Voiir Camera straps in the store The Lab Match Showroom at The mIlls.

The Mills is a new opened shopping mall located in an old historic building in Tsuen Wan that once was a cotton mill in the 50s/60s.

The big old factory has transformed into a home for the fashion and textile industry while creating a financially sustainable social ecosystem. The Mills consists of three major spaces. First is Mills Fabrica, a gallery and shopping area focused on the business of fashion, aiming to help young creators and small start-ups kickstart their future. There’s also the heritage conservation project, known as CHAT. The final component, Shopfloor, is a space showcasing the work of artists, designers and local talents and giving shoppers the opportunity to interact with the creators behind the pieces. Text: Time Out 

Here are some photos from my visit last week! I must say I was very impressed! I Loved this place!
The Lab Match Showroom
Unfortunately a blurry picture, but here are my belts and bags.
My handmade fabric belts.
Our Voiir camera straps with nice vintage cameras
Beautiful Wall paint art
I could easily spend a full day at this place! Take a cup of tea, look at the nice street art, have a nice lunch and visit all te nice art craft stores in this peaceful atmosphere. Highly recommended!