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Jenny Ragnwaldh Design is a luxury fashion label, founded in 2018 by long-time stylist and designer Jenny Ragnwaldh.

Based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Stockholm, JR Design offers fashion, made from vintage and handpicked limited edition fabrics from China, Japan, Taiwan as well as France and Italy. The JR Design label offers a vibrant mix of pattern and colors, designed to make each piece a unique style.

Very Special Events

The great David Bowie once said "I don´t know where I´m going from here, but I promise it won´t be boring." That´s a quote we bring with us when showing our fashion. When doing event its not the usual fashion walk, its an explosion of colors, dancing and music (often from Mr Bowie).

We only work with exceptional vintage materials and limited edition prints

Each design is a rare gem, pieces just for you, which you not will see on anyone else.

Carefully hand picked

Beautiful fabrics from limited editions